IGNITE Fund acts as an impact tool for political stability and human security in conflict affected states, and through a rigorous investment process

  • invests in small and growing businesses (SGBs) in fragile and conflict-affected states
  • identifies and invests in market leaders or potential market leaders in their respective industries which are managed by exceptional entrepreneurs
  • pays special attention to those businesses operating in agri-processing and light-manufacturing space with strong business fundamentals and secure cash flows
  • places high priority on those businesses with great potentials to create jobs and tangible economic benefits to help stabilise their fragile society – which is the ultimate insurance against instability and conflict.

Ignite Fund Portfolio Companies:

Norelga Macademia Ltd. is a market-leading macademia nut processor in Kigali, Rwanda led by the chairman of Rwanda’s largest association of macadamia farmers. Since registering the company in 2010 it has continued to grow annually and is moving from small, production facilities to something that can match the incredible demand received by Norelga. NM processes macadamia nuts and groundnuts and currently 75% of NM’s overall sales is provided to RwandAir through an exclusive agreement. NM also has agreements with major retail and distribution channels in Rwanda. After years of growth, the company has reached its limits and can no longer meet market demand because its production process lacks the required technology.


Le Grenier Ltd.

Le Grenier is a bakery, specialising in production and sales of bakery products in Kigali, Rwanda. Its main client base is middle to low income and the bread is especially popular with the youth. Since its inception in 2013, demand for Le Grenier’s products far exceeded its capacity. Growth was not feasible because of outdated production facilities and a lack of working capital. Banks were not willing to provide loans for investments or working capital, since Le Grenier lacked the type of collateral typically required by the banks.With IGNITE fund’s help, Le Grenier is increasing its production capacity by at least 5 times by investing in new machinery, getting funds to open 6 retail locations to accelerate cash flow, getting infusion of working capital to help meet the current high demand for its product and getting access to world class management support in finance, operations and marketing to best utilise its new capital resources and help guide the business to fulfil its potential.