The Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) is a dynamic and lively network, fizzing with ideas and practical support for those living in cities in conflict, offering real solutions to previously intractable problems.

FCT helps the brightest and the best of those living in extreme circumstances, in fragile political environments, who want to make peace, build a better future and regenerate their cities. The current city membership of the Forum is

1. Baghdad   2. Belfast 3. Derry-Londonderry 4. Haifa 5. Jerusalem 6. Kaduna 7. Kirkuk 8. Mitrovica 9. Mitte 8. Mitrovica 10. Mostar 11. Nicosia 12. Ramallah 13. Sarajevo 14. Srebrenica 15. Tripoli (Lebanon)

The FCT Network Fund is a means of providing practical assistance for FCT member cities to work together and deliver outcomes pledged at global events of the Forum for Cities in Transition. For example, this may include paying for a project manager for a few months, paying for physical materials, paying for venue hire and transportation costs to hold meetings.