ICO-impact for large projects?

An investment programme for regional, city and local governments to enable city and regional development an agenda of local autonomy and aspiration in order to include the implementation of an internationally verified modern economic and business development programme.

ICOIMPACT Current Funding: US $2bn funding for infrastructure and business investments starting with for a mix of private and public bodies

Aim: Large scale infrastructure projects to assist with economic development, job creation and cross community working such as new airports, toll roads, ports, factories and commercial building

Method: Insurance Backed Bonds

Download ICO-IMPACT presentation here: icoimpact_presentation_edited_30-01-17

Traditionally Bonds have financed large Corporations, but increasingly are used for funding alternative asset classes such as infrastructure, development and portfolios. ICOIMPACT now issues the Bond, which is a form of loan note for the construction of the infrastructure project from the governments or large corporations. In all other respects the construction is standard. Payment is deferred for up to 10 years.

The Bond is A-  rated, has an insurance wrap around it and is posted on Bloomberg. The proposed development sits inside the Bond, which is then funded by the ICO’s panel of Banks and pension funds.

The Bond has a life to 8-10 years and is a zero coupon bond.

Our partner to have 100 per cent of funding their project with no repayment due until the end of their term.

Funding of a project normally takes 4 months from acceptance of the the project to availability of the funds. There is a refundable Administrative cost.

Download the template agreement here: icoimpact_draft_template_agreement


Please click here to read more on the application process and access the application form.

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